AFRL/RQT Sponsored Panels for InfoSymbiotics/DDDAS Meeting

9 Aug 2017 Digital Twin and Digital Thread Panels

Chair:  Grizelda Loy-Kraft, AFRL Turbine Division

0900 Panel 1 - Usage, Operational, and Sustainment Challenges ...Road to Digital Thread Rapid Decision Speed

  •  Bob Zacharias - GE- “The Future of Engineering Design & Analysis at GE:  Digital Thread for Design”
  • Rob Jackson -Universal Technology Corporation – “Environmental Particulate FOD - Data Integration in US and UK for Operational Decision Making”
  • Ozgur Erdinc, Ph.D.- United Technologies Research Center – “Technological Gaps for True Usage-Based Lifing: A Machine Learning Perspective

1015 Panel 2 - Controls, Big Data and Cyber...Road to Cyber 1st Digital Thread

  • Michael J Krenz, - United Technologies Corporation – Aerospace Systems; “UaDAP—a Modular Approach to Software Design”
  • Mike W. Venti - Jacobs Technology, Inc -  "Creating Virtual Sensors From Big Data"
  • Grizelda Loy-Kraft - AFRL  - “Uninhabited Aircraft Systems (UAS) -Addressing Battlespace Challenges”

1130 Panel 3 - Design and Life Management ...Road to Digital Twin, Agile Development, and Prescriptive Capability/ Low Cost Designs

  • Joe Brostmeyer - Florida Turbines -  “Designing Low Cost Systems”
  • Paul Ardis, GE – "Digital Twin: Bringing Physics & Data Expertise Together"
  • Joe Brostmeyer - Florida Turbines –“ Overlapping Development and EMD Challenges”